How many days does it take to form a new habit?

A new habit can take shape 60 seconds and last a lifetime—or it can take years to form and disappear overnight.  There’s no one right answer, but according to the extensive research of psychologist John Norcross, new, healthy behaviors generally take about 90 days to become a habit. A new habit has to override old habits, and if the old ones are pleasurable, addictive, or formed out of fear or trauma, it will take longer to weaken the neural circuits that control them as you repeatedly habituate yourself to automatically using a more positive strategy.  

The more “important” it is for your survival, the faster you’ll form a new habit, and business habits are easier to change than personal ones.  Good work-related habits bring in the money that you can use to create health, security, and happiness in your life.  To form a new habit, you need to practice, rehearse, and repeat that behavior many times. Keep repeating the behavior or attitude around different people, and in different situations, to keep your brain interested and motivated. Take daily action, distract from temptations, and persist until the behavior begins to feel natural.  Keep reminding yourself of the benefits the new habit will bring!

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