I’m doing one of the NeuroGym programs and was feeling great! Suddenly all kinds of negative thoughts and feelings are rising up. What’s happening? Am I doing something wrong?”

This is one of the most common concerns people have when they begin to change their habits, beliefs, and mindsets, especially about money or anything else.  As we begin to build more optimism and confidence, our old negative beliefs are often “released,” rushing into consciousness. When retraining your brain to be positive, peaceful, and optimistic, it's normal, natural, and healthy to suddenly experience a lot of worry and negativity that you have carried around inside for years, even decades.


You don't have to battle them. Instead, deepen your relaxation and observe them without judgment. If you write them down as you relax, the emotional impact begins to fade. Nearly all of these negative feelings and thoughts are just memories from the past, but they make you "feel" like you aren't progressing. That's your unconscious critical self sabotaging you. Keep doing the program, or take a day’s break if you want to.


Negative feelings, when you watch them from as relaxed state of neutrality, will often fade away in a matter of minutes, slowly decreasing over the next few days. When old negative feelings flood into consciousness, take a moment and yawn about 10 times. This is one of the fastest ways to lower neurological stress. Then SLOWLY stretch as you become aware of any tension you feel in your face, jaw, neck, shoulders, back, belly, and legs.  Consciously relax each part of your body. You should notice that most of the negativity has been reduced.


If you want to let go of deeper negative feelings and memories, take 60 seconds to reflect on your deepest inner values, your deepest work values, and your deepest personal values. Find a single word for each value (peace, trust, integrity, love, confidence, truth, god, family, etc.) and write those words down on a piece of paper. Repeat them over and over and you’ll immediately feel your anxiety lessen. Research shows that this actually turns on 1200 stress-reducing genes!


You can also recall a pleasant memory (visualizing someone you love or an event that brought you joy). Notice how good that image makes you feel! You can always use your imagination to produce feelings of wellness, but the better you feel, the less you need to suppress old negative feelings and thoughts, so be prepared to do these exercises often as you retrain your brain to embrace happiness and wealth.


If negative feelings continue to overwhelm you for more than 3-4 days, consider having a personal NeuroCoaching session (send an email to markwaldman@sbcglobal.net).  PS: if you’ve experienced trauma or abuse in the past, these memories can also come to the surface as you build greater optimism and self-esteem.  You should have an expert therapist help you to release traumatic memories.


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