I’m getting weird body sensations (headaches, nausea, pain). Is this being caused by the sound technology?

Extensive research on each element of the sound and visualization technologies used in some of the NeuroGym programs have shown no negative side effects (you can check this for yourself by going to pubmed.gov, the national database of scientific articles in the National Library of Medicine). Whenever you begin to change old habits and beliefs about money, work, desires, or self-image the brain naturally resists. Why?  You spent years building these old behaviors, and even though they may not be optimal, it takes a lot of neural energy to build more efficient circuits to help you achieve what you want. Also, the more you relax (an essential step in brain retraining) the more aware you become of body tensions. If you yawn, slowly stretch and breathe gently into the discomfort, it will slowly dissipate.


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    Wendy Chavez

    I have worked with sound therapy before, and as a survivor of traumatic brain injury these side effects are very familiar to me. Try to see the weird sensations for what they are--your body trying to keep the status quo because it's comfortable--and accept it. Then remind yourself that comfort doesn't always lead to productivity. It's easier to release things if you're not struggling with them.

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