I started doing the program diligently, and now I’m noticing that I wake up and just don’t want to do it. Why is this happening?

This is the brain’s way of saying “I don’t wanna do more work!”  Very normal, natural, and irritating especially when you know you are committed!  It’s also a basic neurological response to any repetitive activity and is the main reason why many people fail to complete programs they sign up for. Don’t give into the temptation.  The discipline to “stick with it” is an essential brain-training tool. The “normal” default process of the brain is to use old habits and behaviors to repeat the same tasks over and over, but if you want something “more” (more money, deeper love, greater wisdom, more happiness), you have to do extra work to overcome the brain’s laziness to do the least it possibly can to survive. When you feel that resistance, slightly change your learning behavior. Change your body position. Change the time of day you engage in the training activity. But most important, mindfully notice the resistant thought, “I don’t wanna!” and then write down 3 reasons why you don’t want to do the work, and 6 reasons why you do and what the benefits are of getting past the temporary desire not to. Then focus on your deepest desire and goals that caused you to commit to this program. Push through and your motivation will soon return. 


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