In the community, and in some of the training videos, there are suggestions to write down my fears, worries, doubts, and weaknesses, but I’m afraid that if I do this I’ll attract negative energy to me. Is this true?

The opposite is true. The technique of making a list of all your negative thoughts and feelings has been used by cognitive therapists for over thirty years, with extraordinary success. The newest brain-scan research shows that when you write down negative thoughts and feelings (it’s called creating a Crap Board), the brain begins to disconnect from the words on the paper.  Then, you deeply relax and then gaze at the sheet of paper without judging your words, the emotional power of those thoughts and feelings weaken. This practice is called “mindfulness” and it’s the most effective brain-training strategy to dis-empower negative feelings and thoughts.  Save your Crap Board and add to it when new worries, fears and doubts pop up. If you throw the paper away, your mind starts to ruminate on the negativity, but if you it handy, your mind “knows” where all your crap is and can now devote itself to seeking goals with stronger optimism and confidence.


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