I am listening to my audios - can I still do another meditation at night to add to my program?


For best results, listen only to the track and level you are currently on, as instructed, and not more than twice in one day. Additional meditation practice is a useful adjunct to any program of self-improvement.


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    Susan Duczek

    what are the benefits of doing the program twice a day?

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    Elsa Carrera

    The benefit of listening to the audios twice per day is that your brain is being retrained with double strength (twice per day).

    We recommend to listen to the audios only once a day (not more than twice per day) because the audios are prescription strength which means they are intense and if you listen to them more than twice per day, they may be overwhelming. :)

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    Joshua Kho

    Overwhelming in a bad way where the returns would be negatice? What if I put it on repeat as I did work throughout the day? Would that be a bad thing? Is there such thing as building up a desensitization to the audios?

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    Elsa Carrera

    Overwhelming as in too much for you and will cause you grief, conflicts with your schedule, etc. nothing negative. :)

    We recommend to listen to the audio once per day, but no more than twice per day. If you would like to listen to it by placing the audio on repeat, you may do so, but no more than twice per day. :)

    There is no evidence that states that one can build up desensitization to the audios. :)

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