In the Beliefs and Habits Generator, am I supposed to think of just 1 belief to "uninstall" and "replace" per day or work on the same belief each day?

You can do one or a few. Start with a realistic number that you can manage without feeling overwhelmed.


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    Sergio Itic

    i have received an e mail saying why didn t i finish level one, since i purchased the program 10 dyas ago. I am doing every day the way it has been told me to do it, but since you sent me that mail, I was wondering if iam doing something wrong ? Do i need to put a mark some where once I finish listening everyday the audio, today Sunday 18th, will be finish the first level. So pls let me know if I am doing something wrong, or need to add any additional action. Really want this to work with me and be able to resent my brain. Regards Sergio

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