Is becoming emotional while listening to the program a normal reaction?

Yes, it is a normal reaction. It might be part of the emotional detoxification process. The technology used in these audios encourages increased electrical flow and new neural pathway growth between the hemispheres of the brain. In other words, your overall brain processing power and abilities will increase. As this occurs, hidden traumas and negative emotions may be processed by the brain in new and powerfully healing ways. As your neurological resources increase, your brain and body will begin to detoxify from these negative blocks and emotions. When this happens, it can feel like a cathartic healing crisis, especially if your brain chooses to emotionally detoxify all at once. The good news is, the more you emotionally detoxify, the more balanced, emotionally free and in-control you become. For most people, emotional detoxification happens gradually, and may not even be noticeable. For others, it can happen quickly and may feel uncomfortable. These symptoms will pass, and gradually become less intense as time goes on. What Can I Do About It? If your symptoms persist or become overwhelming, discontinue use and see your doctor. For those with serious past traumas or emotional disturbances, begin to use this system slowly— one session every other day until you acclimate to the process. For those who find listening to one full track too much, I recommend that you listen to just 5 or 10 minutes of an audio during each session, every other day, until you acclimate to the technology. Gradually increase the time you listen as your tolerance increases.

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