I am having distracting personal problems right now. Should I continue with the program or wait for my problems to go away?

Yes!! Keep pushing forward with your program, as it will help you to cope with outside issues.  Add a daily mindfulness meditation to get centered, and drink lots of water.

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    Stephen Sausman

    Hello I am Stephen Sausman & I joined 3/29/2016. i'm 64' & I have had a hard time pushing self do this program. But determined to do it & be successful. I've had 8 back ops & walking again & if I can do that I can do anything.
    My younger brother W/ Cancer I cared for 3.5 yrs died 2/22/16 then lady I was in love with 27 months told me it's over 3/21/16. Now having trouble sleeping thinking about her. I'm on SSDI live on which only covers basics life. My car is in shop way too much. Up to 3 g's after today $ since 12/15. I Got a part time job at Home Depot 9 pm - 6 am 3-5 times week for 11.00 hr not much at all but better than nothing. Really hard on my back as have ton metal in me holding me together. Not to mention the Pace/Defibrillator in my chest. All that said. How do I get an accountability partner that can help me get where I need to go. Try sleep is hard & I do listen to affirmations on my cell at night stocking shelves. I do this program everyday a few hours. I'm up to level 6 now today. I thought I should talk to somebody. I'm trying get my butt in gear, but life's troubles trying hold me down. I won't allow that to happen. I must keep going. I will not fail!!!
    Got to be successful @ something other than walking, TY Jesus, & being sober 31 yrs on 4/5/16. Grew up very abusive alcoholic family on wrong side of tracks & want & need to be happy w/$ & have a home not apt & no bills for 1st time in my life.
    I know this is a tall order fill but can anybody help this NJ/Phila guy out. Happy 64th Birthday to me today. I do have the Lord so I can & will make it.
    I'm at 5030 Harbour dr Palmyra, NJ 08065
    Cell # 856:200-6202 God Bless ! StephenSausman@aol.com

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    Donna Douglas

    Where can I find mindful meditations?

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