I’m at the end of the program and I’m feeling upset and depressed. Why?

You’ve reached the point where you must now apply the inner changes you’ve made to the outer world. You took action by buying the program. You took action listening to it. 

But did you take action each day applying what you were learning or experiencing to your daily work and life?

Do you have an action plan: a step-by-step strategy to make your goal/wish/dream come true? 

Did you access all of the other NeuroGym training materials available to you?

Did you find an accountability partner to help you identify and work through unconscious blocks, or to assist you in building the skills needed to achieve your specific goal? 

These are just a few of the inner roadblocks we all encounter when we make our dreams come true.  Take action and do whatever it takes to succeed! In addition, there is no end to retraining your brain. It’s like exercise, when you release good feeling endorphin and the same is true when you retrain your brain. Your brain loves the release of dopamine and other feel good chemicals so keep doing your daily brain retraining and meditation practices.


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    Vivek Shah

    There are so many videos and it is all so confusing, it is like gaining more and more knowledge but no way is shown how to apply all that to my business!! what exactly 'to do' where is the application part?! you should clearly give a flow chart as to which video follows which.

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