As I was listening to the program, I started to feel anxious. How can I release this feeling?

It’s normal to feel anxiety when you retrain your brain to be more positive and confident. First, ask yourself what exactly are you feeling anxious about?  There’s always an area in your brain that worries about vague things, but the moment you identify what you are actually anxious about, you can begin to write down strategies to solve the problem. 

If the anxiety feels vague – a normal response when you are unconsciously letting go of old habits and building new ones – try this technique: in very slow motion, begin to stroke your palms and arms with your fingertips. If this feels comfortable and pleasurable, try massaging other parts of your body. The pleasurable sensations release dopamine, and the dopamine turns off the worry centers in your brain. Self nurturing (something every mammal and bird will do regularly) is one of the most overlooked strategies for maintaining a healthy brain!


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