How do I permanently get rid of my negative thoughts – my worries, fears, and doubts that I would succeed?

You can’t, nor should you! Part of your brain (your right prefrontal cortex) is designed to worry and imagine negative scenarios.  It’s a creative process and a survival mechanism, and it protects you from making naïve or dangerous decisions.  Also, many negative thoughts and feelings are memories from the past, and they are encoded into specific neural circuits. They’re always there, but when you train your mind to remain optimistic, these circuits barely get stimulated, and when they do, you’ll observe them and heed their advice if there’s a real threat. Otherwise, you’ll ignore them.

The successful person – or anyone, for that matter - observes both the positive and negative voices (it’s neural process called inner speech) and then evaluates the best action to take.  Learn to be aware of both and then choose to focus on the positive and what you desire and want.


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