Do I need headphones?

Due to the audio technology that is used in the program, you do need to wear headphones while listening to the audios. You can use earbuds or any headphones will do! 

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    Barbara Temple

    What are the best brand of headphones to use? Earbud types or over the head type ones?

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    Scott Bertone

    You can use either.

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    Janina Quinn

    In the promotion, JA said we can listen without earphones while we were doing other stuff. Clearly misled as you definitely NEED earphones.

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    Sofia BETANCUR

    The headset, I believe is for the subliminal messages where it is more impactful to receive without distractions. Headphones reduce outside noise. The recorded calls you can hear without it. That's what I understood. I can empathize with you though as I can see how that could have been misunderstood. I hope that clarifies it.

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    I am death in left ear. ??????

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    Michelle Curtis

    Actually, the binaural beats need headphones. You could do the meditations and visualizations without them and get some benefit, but you won't get the full benefit.

    My question is does it matter whether or not the headphones are noise cancelling? I have seen answers on both sides in the Facebook group. My ear buds don't have an option to disable it.

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    Jamison Wright

    Your noise cancelling headphones are just fine. Those are just filtering the outside noise, not the sounds waves in the audios themselves.

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