I’m feeling overwhelmed. What should I do: Keep pushing through or slow down?

Whenever we are stressed, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by an accumulation of small problems. Your brain rarely gets overwhelmed. Neurological overwhelm only happens when you are lacking sleep, in traumatic situations, having a stroke, experiencing a powerful psychedelic drug, or in a situation where you are not in control of your body. 99% of the time, when you feel overwhelmed, it is just your conscious mind trying to take in too much information. 

The moment you begin to feel stress, take a 60-second pleasure break. Yawn a few times, slowly stretch, wash your hands and face, run in place for a few moments, or do anything else that feels pleasurable and relaxing.  Search online for a mindfulness bell or clock or app and put it on your computer or phone. Set it to ring 2-3 times an hour, a reminder to pause 10 seconds to relax and reflect on today’s lessons and your deepest values. Then throw yourself back into your work. If you still feel overwhelmed, use your intuition to tailor the program to your needs. You can take a break for a few days, and then resume it.

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    Denitza Moreau

    How can I tell if its just my mindset and/or if my boss/company is also (mainly) taking advantage of me by imposing impossible workloads on me?

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