How do I subscribe to NeuroGym’s Newsletters?

To sign up for our weekly Newsletter, please use the following link:

Scroll to the "NeuroGym Blog" section

Click "NeuroGym® Newsletter"

Enter your First Name and your email address in the fields

Click "Sign Up!"


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  • Avatar
    Margaret Hatter
    Where is that dialogue box?
  • Avatar
    MJ Cadle
    As Margaret said, where is the dialog box?
  • Avatar
    Diane Krajewski
    yessss.... i can't find it either.
  • Avatar
    Eric Span
    Hi, I'm looking for the dialogue box as well. Please advise.
  • Avatar
    Carla Richmond

    Click on the link above. It takes you to a different screen to sign up

  • Avatar
    Carla Richmond

    Ok so, I've been searching for at leat 15 minutes and do not see where to sign up for the newsletter. I found alot of other good stuff on this site, but no sign up for the newsletter.

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