After two weeks of daily commitments to the program, I suddenly started feeling less motivated. What can I do to get back on track?

The technology used in these audios encourages new neural pathway growth between the two hemispheres of the brain, causing an increase in the electrical energy flow.  

As this occurs, your overall memory recall and processing speed increase, and your brain becomes more capable of releasing subconscious negative emotional memories. As your neurological resources increase, your brain and body will begin to release these negative blocks and emotions. This can feel like a healing crisis, especially if you go through emotionally detoxification in a short period of time. 

The more you emotionally detoxify, the more balanced, emotionally free and in-control you become. For most people, emotional detoxification happens gradually, bit by bit, and it may not even be noticeable on the conscious level. For others, it happens rapidly and can feel uncomfortable. These symptoms will pass and become gradually get less intense as time goes on.   

If you are struggling but want to keep moving forward, slow down. One session every other day will suffice until you acclimatize to the process. For those that find even listening to one full track too much, start by listening to only 5 or 10 minutes of an audio during each session every other day until acclimatize to this technology.  

Gradually increase the time you listen as your tolerance increases, and you will shortly find yourself moving forward into an enriching, compelling journey of releasing the weight, healing and self-love.

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