What if I miss a day?

While it is ideal for you to listen to the audio sessions daily, if you miss a day or two of the audio sessions in your program, it happens!  

Just make sure you make up the day, so you've completed the prescribed amount of sessions before moving on to the next level.  If you miss three or so days in a row, we recommend starting that level over.  If you have been away from the program for about a week, we recommend you start the program over from the beginning.

These are the general guidelines.  If you have any questions about your specific situation, please contact us, and we'll help you out!

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    Daina Kasnikovskiene

    Do I have to repeat seven days both step 1 and step 2? Or is it required for step 2 only?

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    Mark Ooms

    I lost one day doing Level 1 of WTGOP (13th day). Can I make up by doing two sessions on the 14th day (Sunday) allowing myself to stay within the calendar week sequence?

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    Stacey Hall
    I am wondering why these two questions have not been answered here.
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    Francine Savard

    I just submitted same type of questions recently and now awaiting for an answer from the HELP department.

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    Terri Finney

    ??????????????? Have done seven days and cannot open next level.......

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    Veronique Savio

    Hi. It would be good to be able to access the answers of the questions above.
    Thank you.

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    Susan K Mackey Mackey

    I agree with the question answering. I do have good luck with the answers in the VIP Forum however, but wanted to begin here :) i know also that there is a longer list of "most asked questions" and I thought the link was somewhere on our home page, I will find it..... i am committed (ha) :)

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    Victory LeRoi Smith


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    Victory LeRoi Smith


    I'D Love Much Better Mentoring. Thank You Great Innergy Lady Fliklir. Please respond more Timely to My Question.

    I am Encouraged by John! He's helping Me FineTune the Frequency in My EncourageMeant I am HONiNg in on the Gift that Will Be My Freedom SHARED

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