Winning The Game Of Weight Loss: Introductory Webinar


If you have just started your Winning the Game of Weight Loss program, you will want to watch this Welcome Webinar and Training with Kristen McMahon and Courtney Flickwir

Kristen is our Onboarding Specialist, and Courtney is our Community Manager.  They will guide you through the program, step by step, so you get started right away with all of the knowledge and tools you will need to be successful. 

In this short, but powerful, webinar, Kristen and Courtney will show you everything you need to help you understand the program quickly and easily, while answering the questions we consistently hear from our newest members. 

If you are serious about success, this webinar is for you!




If you have any questions after watching the webinar please click the "Submit a request" button at the top right of this screen and submit your inquiry. 


Thank you and enjoy!


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    Katelijn De lepeleire

    nice introduction , thank you , katelijn

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    Heidi Parker

    Hi my name is Heidi, I'm 38 years old and live in a rural town in southern Maine. I am actually a health and PE teacher at the HS level and a LMT as well. I know information but I'm missing the link!!! I honestly feel like I have solid nutritional information (for the most part) but still seem to be missing the bus when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight that I am comfortable with. I also want to help my students and family with this struggle of weight and body image so I am "hungry" for this knowledge and transformation! I have completed the winning the game of Money and had had such growth through the process, I have so much faith that this program WILL have the answers I'm desperately seeking! I'm ready and willing to make the changes Necessary to be successful! 💞

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    Kathleen Powers

    Hi, I am Kathleen. I teach 1st grade and love my job and I am addicted to health, nutrition, and weight loss information. Despite my library of books and multiple exercise equipment, I have not found the program that works for me. I am really excited about this program because I know that the brain is the key to learning and this program incorporates brain strategies.

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    Virginia Baker

    Hi I'm Virginia. I am currently looking for work. I have exercise equipment at home. Not a gym but enough to do some serious exercises. I am currently working on reaching that momentum where I feel weird or bad if I don't workout. My eating habits are the thing I look forward to changing the most.

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