I use a PC. How do I download my NeuroGym brain-training program to my mobile device?

Many portions of our video and audio training sessions are available to be downloaded for use offline.  Download instructions for Mac can be found here

1) Go to the audio or video file you would like to download within your membership page.

2) Look for the "Right click here to download" message, generally underneath the media player

3) Right-click "here", and choose "Save target as..." or "Save link as..."

4) Save the file to a location where you can find it again. Many find the Desktop to be easiest.

To transfer your file to an iOS device (iPhone/iPod/iPad):

1) Once the audio has downloaded onto your computer, right-click the downloaded file

2) Right click on the file icon, and choose "Open with", then choose iTunes from the menu that opens up

3) Plug your iOS device into your computer

4) Sync your device with iTunes

5) Your file should now be ready to play on your device!

To transfer your file to an Android device:

1) Plug your device into your computer

2) Open the device in Windows Explorer and navigate to your desired destination folder

3) Go back to the file you downloaded earlier, and drag-and-drop the file right into the device

4) Your file should now be ready to play on your device!


**Windows 10 users:  Please note that these instructions do not apply to the Edge browser.  Please use Internet Explorer 11(already installed on Windows 10), Chrome, or Firefox

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    Marjatta Koivulehto

    thank you, very clear and helpful! J,K

  • Avatar
    Diana Lilla
    Why can't I sign into the neurogym on my smart phone, Android, Samsung? I could better download from there but I can't sign in there.
  • Avatar

    OWOW! I didn't get it. Help community. Anyone available to walk me through this or send me to a google page??? It would be great to download NeuroGym brain-training program to my mobile device. I have a SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 and Tab4. Keeping hOPE alive.
    Much love

  • Avatar
    Maria Paredes

    When I right click the button of the mouse, the option of save target as does not appear. What can I do? Thanks

  • Avatar
    Suzi O'Neill

    Hi, I don't have the option to save either, when I right click the only options are 'About Wistia' or 'Report a Problem'? Can the videos be downloaded and if so how can we do it please?

  • Avatar
    Louis Blumenthal

    Are we affected right now with the Amazon Server issu?

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