Finding an Accountability Partner

Finding An Accountability Partner:

If you are not having success in finding an accountability partner or you are just about to start looking for one and don't know how, listen-up.
I suggest that you create your own post. Indicate in the first sentence that you are looking for an accountability partner. Burying your interest at the end of a long biographical post is a sure way to get overlooked. As is posting your request as a comment to someone else's post (unless it is about finding an accountability partner).

Start by telling the reader something about yourself. What do you do for a living? Are you married and do you have kids? How old are you? What are your top values and goals.

Next, state what you are looking for in a partner. Do you want someone to just hold you accountable for what you said you were going to do or are you looking for someone who can provide insights on an area that you are lacking in? For example, are you looking for someone with marketing skills or website development skills because you know you will have some questions in that area? Does your partner have to be from a certain locality? We have members from across the globe. You shouldn't let distance be a concern. One of my partners is in Germany and we communicate via Skype, email and private message. Are you looking for someone of same age and gender as you or are you open? Do you want someone in the same occupation or not?

How do you want to communicate? Skype, telephone, email, private message, in person? How frequently do you want to meet? Any time of day restrictions on when you can meet?

Now tell the potential partner what you have to offer? Any particular skills? Don't' worry if you think you don't have any in that being a caring and thoughtful listener who can give you a kick in the pants if need be is an amazing asset
Finally tell the prospective partners, how you want to be contacted. Do you want them to just comment on the thread or send you a private message or email (last two probably best so others will feel comfortable opening up)?

That is it in nutshell. Good luck in your search. It's well worth your time.


If you have any questions please contact Client Care at

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    Sophie Perry

    Thanks Christina.

    The information that you have provided has been very helpful, and I now feel confident to start looking for an accountability partner.

    Sophie Perry

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    Roslyn Bennett

    Accountability Partner required. Hello, I am Roslyn from the beautiful Gold Coast Queensland Australia. I am 63 yrs young, have 4 adult children and 6 grandchildren.
    The best way to contact me is my email for PM on Facebook or if we are in the same time zone via Skype or mobile phone,
    Today is my 1st day on the program and am looking for a clear direction and purpose in life as well as success in arears of health, wealth and freedom to have choices.
    Have just been made redundant from my job, I am presently looking for work within either the Employment or Education fields.
    Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers for now. Roslyn

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    EthelMae DelaPena

    accountability partner request:
    hi my name is Ethel and i'm married ( 26 yrs) with 4 biological adult children . im currently a foster mom of 5 more children and in the process to adopt them all which brought me to looking for a program that will support me and guide me to lose weight and begin a healthy life style more importantly.raise our new family :) (keep up with them all being the youngest is 20 months) lol. i hope i can find someone that is interested in taking this journey with me. sorry im on the second level

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    Bev Litwhiler

    Accountability partner needed. Hi I am Bev from northeast Pennsylvania. I am 61, female, married 43 years. Two daughters, their husbands and four grandchildren. I have been unemployed for the last 5 months. This summer I have been watching my school age grandchildren; working in my garden and flowerbeds; and attending a fantastic Bible Study on prayer.
    Since my employment ending I have been striving to make changes in my life. I intend to use this program to further my personal growth.
    I think I would prefer a female partner, one of similar age and interests, someone to check in with once or twice a week. I am on level one, but I don't know as that makes a difference. Please email me if you think we would click.

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    Elena Apalkova

    Hello, My name is Elena. I am 10 th day in the programm. I am looking for the accountable partner. I am a single mom. I have a daughter of 8 years. I live in Ukraine. I do online business. I am successful but would like to achieve more results in my life and to learn from successful people. I am looking for accountable partner so we can go this journey together helping each other to be disciplined and get more results from the program.
    You can communicate with me throught FB ( appleeli) or skype ( elena.apalkova1) or throught email (, or phone (viber/watsap).
    I am looking to hear from you soon.
    Best regards
    Elena Apalkova

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    Kate O'Leary

    Hi, this is Kate, from Australia, I am in my 5th day of the program and also look to find an accountable partner. I am single, caring for mother in my home. I am a Yoga teacher (way before it became popular), coach and healer. Past life I was a Social Worker. I now live in the country and wish to expand my business through my website/s and create income while I sleep. Also I want to create a very successful Yoga/healing Teacher Training course. I can be contacted on E: or Skype: nirliptaroopa or FBook or phone via viber.
    look forward to making contact
    all the best
    Kate :)

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    Anna Hayes

    Hello, my name is Anna and this is my first day on the program. I am 51, recently widowed, 1 grown daughter with 2 grandsons (my son passed away 6 years ago). I have been a funeral professional for more than 20 years, but am now on permanent disability due to injuries sustained in caring for my husband before he passed. I'm joining this program to help me get out of my own way and to be able to succeed in a new life.
    I would prefer an AP who is not afraid to be honest with me as I am not one to beat around the bush myself. I feel it very important to be encouraging, but sometimes I need someone to tell me to pull up my bootstraps, lol!
    I prefer Skype for contact: annam.hayes7 (please state you are with NeuroGym)
    Private message on Facebook: anna.hayes.395
    or WhatsApp: Anna Hayes
    Thank you and God Bless you
    Anna Hayes

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    Irvin Yeroham

    Hello I am Irvin Yeroham
    I am 56, divorced for 12 years, I have 2 daughters 22 and 20
    I live in Mexico City
    If there is an accountability partner here it woul be great
    I am open to the age and gender
    I am an architect but stopped working on this 8 years ago and now i have a posibility on working on my profession again with a partner that wants to develop his properties
    First I have to solve economic issues and det
    21 years ago I inherited my fathers business a now 45 year old Mexican brand that sales jeans and was the top Mexican brand in the 70s and 80s until we lost it on the 85 earthquake
    The products are still desired by the public but the way we have been marketing them is loosing market
    I have a big project on Web marketing and sales by catalog that is very advanced but got stuck becouse of lack investment
    Now I had to stop the business becouse regular sales have been lowering, so until I find a solution to finance the project I had to stop
    That is also affecting my financial personal life
    I am also a spiritual person engaged in transformation processes and I formed as a soul therapist to help people find the seed problem of their conflict
    I had to stop doing this becouse the business is very demanding but now I am starting to help people on their life process and helping others is helping me more
    And I need help to solve my economic block
    I can have contact by cel or Skype and email
    SKYPE Irwin Yeroham
    E Mail
    I need an AP with experience in situations like this to help me
    Thank you all for being in this course and getting involved in helping others
    God bless you all
    Irvin Yeroham

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    Sonia zoe Carvajal

    Hello, I am Sonia Zoe Carvajal. 71 years old and looking for an accountability partner. I am on my first day, level one of course I have a 35 year old daughter, not married or children. I need someone around my age group who can keep me in check since I am not organized and tend to forget very easily. I am a good listener with good patience. Contact by cell 786 444 8089, email text and facebook. Not good with comuters. I get usually lost. Email address
    Thank you i advance.

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    Patricia Ivory

    Accountability partner needed: Hi my name is Patricia and I am 41 years old. I live in sunny San Diego, I am married and I have an incredible 13 year old teenager. Life is great, business is growing however we need to get to the next level and that is why I am investing in this program. I am on day 8th, but I have missed 2 days of the program and that is why I desperately need an accountability partner. I feel I am always been pulled in many directions and I feel I never have enough time in the day to get all done. I wake up at 5:30 most of the days and go to bed 11:00 completely exhausted and I still missed 2 days of the program, level 1. So I need help with time management and actually been consistent with this program. Please contact me by email ( first and let me know a little bit about you! You can also find on FB under Patricia Ivory.

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    Marisa Reece

    This is the beginning of an exciting journey!

    Hi Everyone!! I'm Risa. This is day 1 and actually about 20 mins into the entire program for me. Like each of you I'm seeking an accountability partner.

    Here's a bit about me - I'm a B2B (Copywriter) and Certified Architectural Color Designer. (B2B stands for Business to Business)
    I'm a single mom, almost 44 yrs old on (Sept 21st) and eager to retrain my brain to have a new mindset and achieve my "Lifestyle Freedom." I've had a number of set backs as I'm sure some of you did too. My daughter will be 20 yrs old and so, I'm ready to spread my wings, set sail and accomplish my goals and dreams. I'm a voracious reader and published jewelry artisan and I enjoy cooking, sewing, drumming, painting, tambour, and traveling.

    There is a fire burning within me to do more, but I feel stuck and I know it' s my mindset. I'd like to connect with someone who is excited about their personal growth, wants to change and is willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve it. I'm always interested in learning how I can do and accomplish things differently. We'll definitely learn from and motivate each other.

    Whatever reason(s) brought you here, let's accomplish them!!

    To Your Success,
    Let's connect by email -

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    Judi Rosenthal

    Accountability Partner requested. Hi, my name is Judi and I live in San Jose, CA.
    I am 74 and single. I am an accomplished mandala artist. I want to share my art with the world on ceramics, clothes, textiles, paper goods, etc. and am looking for an expert in marketing to assist me in accomplishing my goal. I prefer email:

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    Zaher Atwa

    Accountability Partner required. Hi, I am Zaher from the Palestine. I am 55 years, married, have one child of age 12 years. I am about to get PhD in ICT in Education. My goal is to earn $100k/y from online business.
    The best way to contact me is my email or Facebook and later it can by through Skype or phone,
    Today is my 1st day on the program and am looking for a clear direction and purpose in life as well as success in areas of health, wealth and freedom to have choices.
    I am working in education and training.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Best Wishes for all of you / Zaher Atwa

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    Ann Bird

    Accountability Partner required.
    Hello my name is Ann Bird from London England. I am 59 years old, married with 2 children in their 20s. Today is my second day of the program. I am a retired dementia nurse and I'm setting up a dementia care training business. Having worked in dementia care for about 25 years both caring and teaching, managing, I would like to help people to understand dementia in all its forms, and help caregivers to better care for those living with the condition. I also have an interest in helping family carergivers reduce the burden of care.
    I would like an AP who has a very good understanding of business, is honest but no brutal. I'm a hard worker but can sometimes procrastinate. I would prefer someone in a different profession from mine to hold me accountable to my agenda and plans, provide insights and be a "sounding board".
    I'm open to gender but would prefer someone in my age group.
    What I can offer is years of experience from teaching, managing, nursing, supporting, listening and encouraging people. If you are interested please send me a private message.
    Best wishes
    Ann Bird

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    Anne Wrinn

    I'm Anne and looking for an accountability partner to keep me on task. My goal is to improve my ability to generate and retain income.
    I am an artist ( and have not yet had the ability to pursue this on a full-time basis. I have awesome office skills and have not been hired in this area (would provide higher income than what I am doing now, which is walking quickly 15 miles per day (to achieve a rate) in a warehouse). Because I have had so many and such a variety of jobs people hesitate to hire me on a full-time basis.

    To establish some stability I took a job in a new field and have been here for a little over 2 years but the physical toll of walking at least 50 miles a week are having an effect and I wish to make a change. Have been an art teacher, insurance agent, photographer, administrative assistant. Really loved the photography.

    Am working on a book of paintings of a local sculpture garden, which is my "happy place".

    Would love to be in a position to travel and paint. Oh, I'm 62 but people always tell me that I look like I am 40. My interests include yoga (would love to become a yoga teacher), nutrition (I believe in food as medicine), gardening, travel. Am single as my luck has not involved meeting my soulmate.

    You can email me at

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    Ozlem Karabaltaoglu

    Accountability partner required

    I am 43 years old, married and mother of two children aged 10 and 15 years. I'm a chemical engineer, I work in a state sugar factory. I'm at 7th week of the program. Revenue is fixed and I'm looking for ways to boost it. I do hand work at home as a hobby and I plan to sell them on the internet. I want to find partners who will share their experiences.

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