How do I access the NeuroGym Achievers Community?

The Daily VIP Coaching & Support can only be accessed via the private NeuroGym Achievers and NeuroGym Weight Loss Communities.  

You may access them by first logging in to your NeuroGym membership portal:

1. Click on your program link which will take you to the levels page

2. Click on your current level

3. Click on the NeuroGym Achievers Community Daily VIP Coaching & Support Facebook icon on the right, which will take you to the our Facebook closed group page

4. Click on "Join" in the purple banner at the top of the page

5.  Allow 24 Hours for Client Care to Accept Your Request

We will approve your request as long as your Facebook user name (alias) is the same as the name on your account.

If your Facebook user name (alias) is different, please let us know what user name (alias - not your email) you are using for Facebook so that we may recognize it and approve your request.

If you have submitted your request and it was not approved because we did not recognize the username, please resubmit your request so that we may get you approved.

If you have any questions, please submit a support request, and an agent will respond as soon as possible.

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